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Who is Coach Gigi?  

Gigi Brown, also known as GIGI IN THE PLACE TO BE is the CEO of GFB 24 Program and a Professional Tactical Skills Trainer & Performance Trainer that helped Collegiate players,  FIBA players, NBA G League players, WNBA player, NBA Players, NBA Pre-Draft players. Brown conducted countless basketball youth camps and clinics for NBA pre-draft & WNBA players.

She was born and raised in Brooklyn, East New York. Where she learned the game of basketball. Brown graduated earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Movement Science in 2004. She then became a certified NASM Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist. 


Specialized Training Performance: 

  • Basketball Agility Training

  • SARQ (Speed - Agility - Reactivity - Quickness)

  • Massage - Flexibility Therapy

  • Functional Movement

  • Sports Specific Performance Training

  • Strength & Conditioning Training

  • Measurement & Evaluation Programming

  • Creative Program Design Methodology

Professional Organization | Management :

  • NBPA (National Basketball Player Association) 

    • Professional Grassroots Trainer

  • Hazan Management Sports Agency

    • Professional Basketball Skills Trainer 

  • Game Over Program

    • Basketball Development Trainer


  • Played small role in a documentary movie called “DOIN IT IN THE PARK” directed by Bobbitio Garcia. 

  • Played a huge role in a Lifetime commercial “THE REAL MVP”  alongside NBA Champion Kevin Durant. 

  • Trainer for Degree Deodorant for Men promo testing featuring Steph Curry. 


Highlight Players..
Collegiate Athletes

Current Players

  • Brandon Weston (Rhode Island University)

  • Tray Jackson (Seton Hall)

  • Speedy Carcamo (Miami Dade College)

  • Jalin Sinclair (Lehigh University)

  • Demani Smith (Roberts Wesleyan)

  • Chris Hunter (SandHills Community College)

  • Justin Rogers (St. Thomas University)

  • Jeremiah Williams (Community College)

  • Deon Mclaughlin (Trinidad State College)

Previous Players

  • Andrew Garcia (Kent State University)

  • Ayanna Dublin (Stetson University)

  • Lizzie Garcia (Hartford University)

  • Eyandra Molina (NCCU)

  • Chiquita Greene (York College)

  • Joana Monica (York College)

  • Ifeanyi Ofili (College)

  • And more….


NBA | NBA G League | FIBA | WNBA

Current Players

  •  Victoria Macaulay ( Olympian, FIBA WC, WNBA)

  • Jeriah Horne (NBA G League, NBA)

  • Jaamal McCoy  (FIBA)

  • Jess Fairweather (FIBA WC)

  • Oluwadamilola Sapara (NBA G League)

  • Matteo Macchi (FIBA)

  • Prince Samuels (FIBA)

  • Naz Buhagiar (FIBA)

  • Charles Cooke (NBA G League, NBA)

  • Tyran Delatti (FIBA)

  • And More…

Previous Players

  • Steph Curry (NBA) - Degree Deodorant Training Event

  • Julius Cole (FIBA)

  • George Beamon (NBA G League, FIBA)

  • Zach Lavine (NBA) - Training Showcase

  • Kemba Walker (NBA) - Training Showcase

  • Trey Burke (NBA)

  • Orlando Johnson (NBA)

  • Isaiah Wilkerson (FIBA, NBA G League)

  • Irin Starks (FIBA)

  • Marshall Plumlee (NBA) - Training Showcase

  • Rondae Hollis - Jefferson (NBA) - Training Showcase

  • Anthony Hodges - (FIBA)

  • J.R. Smith (NBA)

  • And more…


Another Successful Camp!


GFB24 Performance Camp- 2nd Edition 

5-Day CAMP: 12th- 16th March 
Venue: Qatar Basketball Federation training gym

The program will take athletes to a new level of performance and confidence. It will be focusing on S.A.R.Q (Speed. Agility. Reactivity, and Quickness), Explosive Jumping Ability, Core Strength, Balance & Coordination, Joint Mobility, Functional Training, Ball-handling & Ball-Control, Defense, Shooting, Mental Performance, Post-Perimeter-Guard Position, and Nutritional Performance.

GFB24 Basketball School

Do you want to play basketball in College? 

10-Day Experience: 13th Feb- 3rd March 2023 


GFB 24 Basketball School in Doha, Qatar is an exclusive basketball program that uses basketball performance as a platform to engage with athletes who are planning to play basketball in College. It includes: 

  • Basketball Development

  • S.A.R.Q Performance Training

  • Nutritional & Mental Performance

  • Leadership Development Workshop

Athletes shall be able to understand all what it takes to become a College player and get the chance to talk to Division 1, 2 & 3 coaches & players 

The School program shall be divided into three main sections: 

1- Basketball Performance: Our focus is to enhance the athlete’s game performance by designing an exercise program that will simulate similar, or the same movement patterns that the athlete will use in a basketball game. By increasing the athlete’s strength and having a better understanding of how to move correctly, it can reduce the risk of injury and result in higher success on the court.

2- Fitness Performance: Our target is to guide our clients to improve in the four pillars of human performance: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. We want to create an environment, whether physical or virtual, that will help athletes feel safe, supported, and in control of their health.

3- Basketball Tactics:  It will be characterized by high-intensity neuromuscular actions, frequent changes of activity and complex technical-tactical scenarios.

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